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Sapan Sisodiya - 

Parent, #Infor

During these times when kids are spending lot of time indoors, its very tough to keep them engaged as well as entertained.


When I first bought this game I though it to be another card game to keep my 7 year old engaged but this game provides more than a regular card game. The kids can learn about countries, their capitals and continents while playing the game and that's the best part.

In fact I too learnt few countries and capital names which I did not even know existed.
GOGO has become our favorite family card game.

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Preeti Meena -

Parent, #Infosys

Gogo- it's as fun as it sounds..Very interesting set of Card game with really simple rules which makes it easy for every age group to play and indulge in the fun.


My daughter who is 5 simply loves Gogo. This is such a fun way to know about different countries and their capitals.


My kid initially played with matching the colours and then matching the alphabets and eventually developed an interest to know about the countries on the cards...such a fun way to introduce your kids to the world.


Nitin Paranjpe -

Parent, #Oracle

Created with zeal... Transformed through passion...


GoGo is truly fun learning card game; ensuring knowledgeable conversations between parents & child, learning for kids & refresher for adults. Every card has information which can be grasped or simply can be used to draw travel canvas.